La Veillée de l’avant-Veille extravaganza celebrate 20th anniversary next December 30 in Montréal

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Key annual event during the holiday season, the 20th edition of La Veillée de l’avant-Veille (call it “The New Year’s Eve’s Eve Party” if you’d like) will be held in Montreal Friday, December 30th at the Metropolis in Montréal, QUÉBEC. Unifying and inspiring for the audience as much as for a whole generation of musicians folk / trad, this 20th edition will move at Metropolis Club Soda for the evening promises to be especially festive and amazing. A concert evening: According to the formula proven in highly entertaining and warm conditions La Veillée de l’avant-Veille 2016 will be in three parts which will showcase Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan ( last chance to see excerpts of the special SOLO show in Québec!), La Bottine Souriante, Michel Bordeleau, André Marchand & Jean-François Berthiaume.

We expect you there!
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