The Vigil before New Year’s Eve live on the web and on the radio December 30!

The tradition continues! Le Vent du Nord is pleased to announce that there will be a special edition of the traditional music celebration La Veillée de l’Avant-Veille. In fact, on December 30, we are inviting ourselves into your homes for this now-famous festive New Year’s Eve rehearsal party! On the occasion of this event, we will find Le Vent du Nord, Galant, tu perds ton temps and the storyteller and singer Michel Faubert, who has been entrusted with the honour of the song Countdown!  The grand finale will be danceable thanks to the rhythmic music of the Frères Brunet and the caller Philippe Jetté. 

In order to create a great party that will bring people together and to promote traditional music from here in a context of pandemic, La Veillée de l’avant-Veille is offered in virtual broadcast on the web, as well as on 15 radio stations across Quebec! 

Access for the web version is on sale now for $15 (plus fees and taxes).
Don’t miss out on this must-see virtual holiday show on December 30 at 8 p.m: