La Veillée de l’Avant-Veille is back in a live webcast (…and rebroadcast on 18 radio across Quebec)

The tradition continues! Le Vent du Nord is pleased to announce that the 24th edition of the traditional music celebration La Veillée de l’Avant-Veille will be presented on December 30 at 8:30 p.m (EST)

To create a great party that will still bring people together and to promote traditional music widely in a context of pandemic, we are inviting ouself into your homes for this now-famous festive New Year’s Eve rehearsal party and offering a LIVE VIRTUAL broadcast we can produce thank’s to a partnership with ClubSoda 

In order to respect (very) recent government new measures (announced last dec 20), we’ve change a little bit the program. On this 24th edition, We will play some of our best tunes and the trio É.T.É will too. 

Please join for this not-to-be-missed event of the holiday season 

Tickets (virtual)  >>>>>

With the collaboration of the Association des radios communautaires du Québec, a rebroadcast is also planned (December 31 and/or January 1) on 18 radio across Quebec.
Watch your stations for the schedule