New video clip Au Régiment

Today we unveil a video filmed during the summer of 2020 in the forest of St-Côme, Lanaudière. The song Au Régiment tells the story of a lover who announces to his girlfriend that he has committed to serve the regiment for six years. This traditional song was found in Georges Comeau’s repertoire.

We thank the team of the Synop6 in Joliette who worked on this project.
Director and Editor: Louis Coutu
Assistant Director: Steeve Simard
Cameras: Louis Coutu and Frank Tremblay
Technician: Mathieu Joly
Sound Recording: François Beauséjour
Mixing: Olivier Demers
Starring: Le Vent du Nord, Zachary Evrard, and Émie Thériault

Au Régiment is a traditional work adapted and arranged by Le Vent du Nord and Richard Forest.