La Veillée de l’avant-Veille extravaganza celebrate 20th anniversary next December 30 in Montréal

Key annual event during the holiday season, the 20th edition of La Veillée de l'avant-Veille (call it “The New Year's Eve's Eve Party” if you'd like) will be held in Montreal Friday, December [...]

Quebec folk heroes in London

Through an amazing UK summer tour, Le Vent du Nord was returning to London for the first time after having launched Têtu in World Premiere last spring.  His concert at Cecil Sharp House on august [...]

Nominee of the Songlines Music Awards 2016

  Just learned that our CD TÊTU is a nominee of the SONGLINES MUSIC AWARDS 2016 in « Americas » category (aside wonderful artists a Punch Brothers, Lila Downs & Tom & Ben Paley!). [...]