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NEW ALBUM: Les Voix du Vent avec cordes et piano

Building on their 20-year career — and to celebrate that mark! –, Le Vent du Nord is releasing a new album entitled Les Voix du vent avec cordes et piano, a repertoire selected with a retrospective intention in mind. And rather than opting for a more traditional best-of compilation, the band chose to rearrange tracks from their back catalogue with the help of Quatuor Trad and concert pianist Philippe Prud’homme, as a blissful fusion between traditional folk music and classical music!

For this special project, the musicians of Le Vent du Nord left aside their instruments to limit themselves, for the very first time, to their voices and their foot-tapping. “We wanted to highlight the strings and the piano in our songs, and since the original arrangements are quite dense, we quickly realized that we had to radically strip things down by using only our voices and our feet.  Accepting this allowed the new arrangements to have a much larger playing field. As for the very meticulous selection of songs on the album, it’s our way of giving an overview of our 20 years, as there is at least one song from each of our albums, except the live and symphonic ones. We weren’t interested in pure nostalgia; a retrospective, fine, but one that creates something new with highly talented collaborators. We knew Quatuor Trad well for having worked with them a few times (including for some recordings on TÊTU album). As for Philippe, he is an extremely sensitive musician, capable of expressing very complex shades of feelings ” explains Olivier Demers, Nicolas Boulerice, Simon Beaudry, André Brunet & Réjean Brunet.